I want to send any cryptocurrencies converted within CP3 to multiple wallets automatically once they are converted from fiat to crypto. Is that possible?

Yes!  That is one of the great functions of this program.  You can provide many wallet addresses for each cryptocurrency you choose that is a part of CP3.

Can I change my cryptocurrency choices and allocation percentages as often as I want?

Absolutely!  You can change them as often as you wish.  Each pay period can provide you a new scenario of auto conversions

Is a customer of CP3 restricted to only using the preferred cryptocurrency companies Cornerstone has ‘partnered’ with?

Absolutely not.  A customer can send their cryptocurrency to ANY wallet that supports the crypto selected (eg. Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet).  Our preferred companies are partners that we have formed a relationship with, and we support the use of their business based upon their place and reputation within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Is the onsite service that holds the cryptos I buy through CP3 a custodial service?

Yes.  The cryptos you convert to through your pay and hold on the platform are held by a trusted, secure third party.  We are major advocates of ‘not your keys, not your coins’, but if you decide to keep them in the default wallets within the program, they are safe and insured with the third party holder.

Do I need my own bank account in order to use CP3?

No!  This is another great feature of CP3.  When you fill out the information to do a direct deposit with your employer, pension disbursement provider, etc., you are providing them the routing and account information of the trusted and secure third party bank account used to receive and automatically convert the pay into cryptocurrencies.  This will prove to be revolutionary in many countries where some people have a hard time getting traditional bank accounts.

When I send my cryptocurrencies out of the CP3 system, will I be charged an additional fee?

No.  We do not charge an additional fee for you sending your cryptocurrencies outside of the CP3 system.

Does my employer need to know or have to approve I am having my pay converted to cryptocurrencies?

No.  Though we encourage employers to offer this easy program as an additional option to their employees (just like an optional insurance or retirement plan), an employer only needs to know you are filing out a direct deposit form to which fiat is being sent to.  What happens after it reaches the bank account identified is completely your business and prerogative.

Is there KYC/AML for using this service?

Yes. There is a KYC/AML process when you wish to send any crypto outside of the CP3 system, or to another CP3 user.

Am I able to cash out into fiat through CP3?

No.  CP3 is a program dedicated to replacing the current exchange system in respect to purchasing, holding and moving a customer’s cryptocurrencies.  It is not for cashing out and sending to a bank account.

Do you have plans for adding some of the companies’ products like Celsius or others actually into the platform for easy viewing?

We plan on continuing to evolve the CP3 program to add the capability to access and view these platforms either from within the site or implement ‘easy’ buttons that directly send you to your account with those preferred companies for ease of use.